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What ExecuSearch USA will do for you!

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GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)Our Goal:
Deliver Talented Candidates within your specific timeframe & criteria.

GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)Our Mission is to:
(1) Provide Employers Top Talent that will exceed performance expectations,
(2) Assist employees in the advancement or reestablishment of their careers
as quickly as possible, and
(2) Assist each company in providing their employees responsive outplacement services & real world job opportunities.

Confidential Search for Qualified Candidates & Resumes

ExecuSearch USA is in the business of identifying Superior Candidates for you or your organization! Just let us know what type of candidate/resume you are looking for and we will conduct a confidential search, screen, evaluate and match candidates to your company using the ‘preferred candidate profile’ generated specifically to your needs. Once you submit your 'candidate profile', we begin our search & provide you with referrals of pre-screened & pre-qualified candidates that meet your specific position profiles for all positions you place with ExecuSearch USA.

Contact Donna Lester at 1800-896-5912 to Submit your Openings
& information on Open Positions
Or email

Contingency Search

ExecuSearch USA is primarily a contingency Executive Recruitment firm. You only pay a fee when you hire a qualified candidate that matches your profile submitted to ExecuSearch USA. Until you hire one of our candidates, our services are provided at no charge to you or your organization. Our fees are established up front, based on the position being searched, and are highly competitive yet commensurate with the expertise provided.

Retained Search

At times, ExecuSearch USA will contract for a "Retained Search". This employer option is cost-effective and best suited for employers who have specific and identifiable needs over a period of a year's time. Fee arrangements are made for ongoing searches providing you, the employer, a reduced rate for your commitment to use ExecuSearch USA exclusively.

Outplacement Services

ExecuSearch USA provides employment opportunities & outplacement services to groups &/or individual employees when downsizing or corporate re-organization becomes necessary. If you or your company must implement an outplacement program, our program can meet your needs and your budget.

Physician Placement & Practice Management

ExecuSearch USA works with physician management groups, medical group practices, health maintenance organizations, insurance companies, managed care organizations & private practitioners to assist in the identification of candidates for a variety of practice options for physicians.

Some of these include:
GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)CEO/COO/CFO Positions in practice management     
GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)Medical Directorships
GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)Staff physicians (HMO model)                                      
GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)Physician case managers
GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)National, Regional & Local Hospital-based physician practice
GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)Private practitioners, in both general & specialty areas
GREEN-MARBLE.GIF (960 bytes)Medical network development


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